Career Mentor Week

“Life and Vision for Kids” aims to inspire positive futures through workshops that provide practical knowledge and exposure tonew possibilities. The latest workshop, Shape Our Future: Career Mentor Week, has proven to be a valuable experience that inspired and motivated the participants. Context Millions of young people in South Africa face significant barriers to growth… Continue reading Career Mentor Week

The first successful Trainees

“Life and Vision for Kids” was established to provide opportunities for growth and development for children, youth and young adults in South Africa. The organisation aims to upskill members of their local community to help improve livelihoods and counter the ongoing impacts of an historically oppressive system. As part of this mission, an internship programme… Continue reading The first successful Trainees

A better start for 5 outstanding children

Ute and Rainer, the founders of “Life and Vision for Kids” (LVK), have always believed that a good education is the foundation of life for any child. Since living in South Africa, they have seen the unfair conditions that many children are faced with. Their parents have been heavily affected by the apartheid era and… Continue reading A better start for 5 outstanding children