A better start for 5 outstanding children

Ute and Rainer, the founders of “Life and Vision for Kids” (LVK), have always believed that a good education is the foundation of life for any child. Since living in South Africa, they have seen the unfair conditions that many children are faced with. Their parents have been heavily affected by the apartheid era and their children are therefor impacted by a lack of high-quality learning opportunities and adequate living environments.

“Life and Vision for Kids” was established to provide opportunities for growth and development for children in South Africa. They have identified five children in need, who have proven to hold potential to achieve great things should they be given the right opportunities in life.

These are the stories of the 5 children supported by “Life and Vision for Kids”.


Eshan and his father, Martin, were living in an informal settlement in South Africa when they met Rainer and Ute. Eshan showed incredible kindness, impressive intellect, and a drive to do well at school while supporting his peers. As a young child, Eshan was exposed to lego and began building models of buildings and infrastructure with his father. Through this opportunity, he realised his dream to one day become a civil engineer.

“Life and Vision for Kids” knew they needed to provide a safe living environment and additional support to ensure Eshan reaches his full potential. They moved the family out of the informal settlement, and into a beautiful home in a safe area in Somerset West. The LVK team personally helped them move and furnished their new home with the essentials any family would need.

They built a full-time position for Martin in the organisation in which he mentors young adults in technical maintenance skills and earns a good, reliable salary. Finally, LVK helped Martin receive his driving licence and a vehicle. Transport and mobility is a significant challenge in South Africa where public transport is unsafe, unreliable and expensive. Martin and Eshan are now able to get to school, work and extracurricular activities safely and punctually.

Eshan is flourishing in his new school, where he is engaged in a positive and challenging learning environment. He has taken up a number of extracurricular activities in sport and music and remains enthusiastic about every opportunity. These activities have shown to improve children’s mental and physical well-being as well as improve self-esteem and confidence.

The LVK team is incredibly proud of Eshan for his commitment to his school work and pursuing a positive future for himself.


Sthabile made an impression on Rainer and Ute at a young age. She is the daughter of Martha who facilitates domestic work for Rainer and Ute. Understanding the importance of early childhood education, they have supported Sthabile through preschool and now primary school. “She is a very socially minded child that enthusiastically accepts any form of education,” says Ute. Sthabile is well engaged in her school work and works hard in every area. She is also enthusiastic about her sport, specifically netball, hockey and cricket, as well as music, as she has been learning guitar since just 5 years of age. Swimming is also an important skill for these children to learn to ensure their safety. The farm dams and rough coastlines have proven to be dangerous for children in this area as many have not had the opportunity to learn to swim.

We can see from her that early childhood support in education and sports is a great good that should actually be given to all children, regardless of their financial and social environment.” – Ute Bozenhardt

Sthabile has had this opportunity to flourish in her education and extracurricular activities because of this support system. She now has a safe living environment to grow up in and her parents have secure employment with Life and Vision for Kids. These opportunities have allowed Sthabile to absorb new knowledge and skills without the stress and unfair circumstance that many South African children face today. One day, Sthabile wants to be a teacher so she can help others and do what her teachers have done for her.


Nyasha is a mother of three from Zimbabwe, who works as a domestic worker. She received a new work opportunity on a wine farm in the area which meant her children, Jaden, Jason and Julhana were unable to attend their previous schools. Rainer and Ute met this family through their community network and have supported Nyasha to place Jason (12) and Julhana (14) in a private school at short notice. Jaden, however, at the age of 7, had not yet attended school and did not have the sufficient papers for his citizenship, despite being born in South Africa. There was not a single space available for Jaden in the local schools, but after laborious efforts from the LVK team, they secured a space in a private school in Somerset West. Before this intervention, Jaden was growing up at home without an education. These children are incredibly talented, socially-minded and kind. They hold huge potential that needs to be nurtured and developed.

Jason and Julhana found it challenging to be placed in a new school, but they have caught up with their school work quickly and enjoy the extra opportunities they are able to receive. Jason is fascinated by natural science and the world around him. He would one day like to be an engineer, creating infrastructure that helps people. Julhana also has a dream to help people and hopes to be a nurse one day.

Jaden faced his first year of school with nervous anticipation, but has truly excelled despite his circumstances. He is learning well and taking part in various activities, including the school play. His confidence and enthusiasm for school are a testament to the importance of early childhood education.

These exceptional children and their families have flourished since receiving the support of Life and Vision for Kids. They are receiving a good education, living in safe and loving environments and receiving new opportunities for growth and development each and every day. These opportunities are scarce for many children in this country due to a devastating history that has disempowered families and broken the social system.

“Life and Vision for Kids” strives to reach more children and families in South Africa through hard work and the support of their networks. They are committed to giving back to the community they call home and welcome additional support from any individuals or organisations who are passionate about making a difference and shaping brighter futures.