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Unlocking individual potential in a practical way

We are working closely with the Sustainability Institute (SI), a Non-Profit Trust in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to provide bright futures for the Youth of Lynedoch Valley. The SI hosts the Lynedoch Youth Programme which is a dedicated Dream Space where young adults can find their paths in ways that generate hope. This programme seeks to support and inspire high school and school leaving youth to choose positive life paths, and discover their full potential through academic support, education, fun and nature in a nurturing and creative environment.

Children at Lynedoch School, SA

The programme uses nature as their teacher, engages in issues of sustainability, encourages a broader world view, instills responsibility and respect, and helps youth develop their passions through dedication and persistence. Along with their high school after school programme, they also work with youth-in-transition from Lynedoch Valley who need a little extra bit of support to pursue work opportunities and take the first steps towards successful careers.

All youth in the programme are exposed to a network of options, which they can tap into once they are ready to pursue new interests.

“With everything we do, we are creating change agents in the Lynedoch Valley – one youth at a time.”

The training centre

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