Why help

I wanted to be a gangster until I was 11. You want to be what you see, and that’s all I saw.”

Quincy Jones

We believe in providing opportunities that inspire positive futures for young people in South Africa.

Young people in many South African communities face a myriad of challenges that hinder their ability to better their own lives. They hold incredible potential but do not know what possibilities are out there due to a lack of quality education and a lack of access to mentorship programmes in a system they have been stuck in since childhood. 

We want to change the system and invest in the incredible potential we see in these young South Africans. We are researching the challenges these young people face, engaging them in possible solutions, and designing targeted strategies that reduce risk and stimulate upliftment for individuals and ultimately, their communities at large. 

We design workshops that focus on skills development based on the needs of young people in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We have identified 25 youth in the Lynedoch Valley who provide key insight into the needs and aspirations for these individuals. 

We provide access to opportunities for young people to learn new skills that will allow them to be better equipped for employment. We are changing lives of individuals and inspiring them to uplift their communities. We hope to open doors for these incredible young people and build pathways between Africa and Europe to create positive relationships and better futures.

With the support of funders, partner institutions and skilled volunteers, we are able to change the lives of young people in Africa.

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