Busy hands with great projects!


Yesterday we had workshop for students from the SA INDABA organisation, an NPO with a wide range of aid projekts that, among other things, train teachers in Montessori ideas, with complete success!


After the holidays we have a few new projects that the boys and girls are doing together!


Reports before the holidays!


Little builders on work!


First projects

We were able to start the lessons in our training center “Siyafunda” and under the guidance of Martin the first projects were implemented. The children and young people tried their hand at wood with various tools and saws.

The guidance of Martin

with the first attempts

and results, die Kids can be proud of!

The benefit concert

On Sunday, 05.03.2023, we were able to organise a benefit concert for our partner SI with a lot ofsupportfrom friends. With Klaus Wäspy from Nürtingen and his daughter Larissa as a soprano from Vienna, two thoroughbred musicians will give a 3-hour concert free of charge for the benefit of the children. A colourful bouquet of opera, operetta, a joint performance with children, as well as a round of rockand pop thrilled the guests on Sunday afternoon in pouring rain.

R50,000 in donations were collected. We would like to thank all those who made this afternoon possible with their help, advice anddonations.

Construction of the training centre

“SIYAFUNDA” -we are learning

The modification outside and inside: