The training centre

For a long time we have been planning and preparing to builda skills centre using container homesto teach children and young people about handicrafts and the joy of creating. Unfortunately, at the beginning of December, the Stellenbosch municipality unexpectedly refusedthe building permit because it would be onagricultural land. At first this was a big disappointment for us and our partner SI. In retrospect it was a stroke of luck.After consulting with the head of the SI, Dr. Jess Schulschenk, Jess had the idea to consider an oldbarn.

We said yes-visited-did the planning ourselves, carried out a complete renovation and …..wethink the pictures speak for themselves.

With great joy for the children, we can now start operation from mid-April within the framework of afixed curriculum.

In addition, we are happy about our new staff member Jo-Ann Pieterse who will beassisting Martin Wood with the education and care of the children and young people since01.03.2023.We would like to thank all donors who made this 1.7 million rand project possible.